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Hi friends!

The Branded Branch is built on a foundation of family, love, and heritage.

I'm Lesli the creator and designer of The Branded Branch.  I've always had a passion for design, the desire to create, and I'm in constant awe of nature's beauty. 

In building this company, I wanted to create unique jewelry and home decor, but what makes us different is the backbone of The Branded Branch. 

In 1862, my family settled on their ranch.  360 acres in the quaint town of Nevada City nestled in Northern California.  Through the years our family has grown and the land has been passed down generation to generation.  There's something sacred and so special about this place.  As the land has been passed down it's always stayed within our family.  It's a place where we gather, laugh, work and make lasting memories.  It is one of the most beautiful places I know of and the inspiration of The Branded Branch.

You see all of our products are either made from or inspired from this land.  When you buy from The Branded Branch, know that each piece is made by hand with love, passion, and attention to detail.

We are so happy you stopped by!  Happy Shopping!

- Lesli Coursey and The Branded Branch team